New lighting shows up Rosslyn Chapel’s green credentials

New lighting, which has just been installed inside Rosslyn Chapel, will enhance the visitor experience and highlight the Chapel’s commitment to green tourism.

The new lights illuminate twelve of the Chapel’s arches and will help visitors appreciate more of the Chapel’s medieval stone carvings, which were previously in shadow. The LED lights have been specifically made for the Chapel and support Rosslyn Chapel Trust’s aim of working in a more sustainable away.

Ian Gardner, Director of Rosslyn Chapel Trust, said: ‘We hope that this new lighting will really enhance a visit to the Chapel, particularly over autumn and winter, and for evening visits and events. These LED lights are environmentally-friendly and have been specially designed for us by a very local Midlothian company, Stoane Lighting, in Loanhead. Rosslyn Chapel Trust is trying to work in a more sustainable way, as well as providing a high-quality experience for visitors, and this new initiative fits very well with those aims.’

More information on the Trust’s approach to working sustainably can be found here
Among the measures in place, the Chapel has a biomass boiler and rainwater harvester, and visitors are encouraged to use public transport where possible.

Thinking of visiting the Chapel then plan your visit here . It is open daily!

Photo: Guide Jenny Beddoe-Stephens shows off new lighting which has just been installed in Rosslyn Chapel, in Midlothian.

Credit – Rob McDougall

Liz Young
Author: Liz Young